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When you hunt, you go where your prey goes. That inevitably means you will have to cross some rough terrain.

Critters have thick coats of fur to resist briars, brush and other obstacles in the wild. But we hairless humans need protection.

When you're cutting through rough undergrowth and dense foliage, protection for your legs is crucial. Here at, we carry a selection of premium Nite Lite hunting bibs and chaps to keep you comfortable and protected in all kinds of terrain and conditions.

How to Beat the Briars

We offer rugged briar bibs to keep you moving through the brush without getting hung up or scratched. Besides offering total protection against briars, our Pro 1000 Denier Briar Bibs are waterproof, windproof and breathable. They will keep you comfortable in all sorts of situations.

Our coon-hunting bibs include insulated bibs for cold-weather sorties as well as non-insulated bibs ideal for warm-weather hunting. Easy to put on and take off, these bibs come with plenty of pockets to carry hunting necessities and accessories.

We also carry hunting chaps to protect your legs against briars and brush. Choose from zipper or slip-on styles.

Hunting Clothes for All Seasons

For really challenging weather, our insulated hunting coveralls will keep you warm. They include double-layered insulation on the front of the legs and a removable insulated hood. During warmer times of the year, our three-season hunting pants offer non-insulated mesh lining for total comfort.

Our men's hunting bibs, chaps, coveralls and pants are available in a range of sizes, enabling you to find the right fit. In addition to men's sizes, many of these products are available in youth sizes. Maximizing comfort in the field for younger folks will help ensure a new generation of hunters learns to love the sport just as much as you do.