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Trapping Collection
Welcome to our comprehensive Trapping Collection, meticulously curated for both hobbyists and professional trappers. We're proud to provide products that are the epitome of quality, efficiency, and innovation.

Uncover a variety of high-performance traps from our assortment. We offer the robust Duke Pro Series leg traps, versatile Duke Off Set Coil Spring Leg Traps, humane Duke rubber jawed leg traps, and reliable Duke long spring leg traps. For trapping around your canine companions, check out our cage live traps, skunk and small game live traps, and dog proof coon traps. Need more? Explore our selection of potent Duke body gripper traps and swivel snares.

Trapping Tools
Make every trapping expedition a success with our selection of trapping tools. Protect your hands with the sturdy Cold Creek full arm trapping gauntlets and manage your catch with our PVC and metal catch poles. For versatile functionality, consider the Sod Buster multi tool and our 21" Trappers Trowel. To make trap setting easier, we offer the Conibear Body Trap Set tool. Extend the longevity of your traps with our assortment of trap waxes and dyes.

Baits and Lures
Attract your desired game with our wide variety of baits and lures. Designed specifically for raccoons, foxes, coyotes, muskrats, and mink, our assortment of attractants, baits, and lures are proven to entice and lure effectively.

Tanning and Processing
Once the trapping is done, turn to our range of tanning and processing tools. We offer one and two handed fleshing tools, complete home tanning kits, and Tannit tanning kits for a professional finish. Ease your workload with our tail strippers, fur stretchers, and skinning tools.

Experience the world of trapping with our all-encompassing Trapping Collection - your one-stop-shop for every trapping necessity.