Game Calls

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Game calls and hunting go together like ham and eggs. After all, many animals are wary of humans. And with good reason. Lions, wolves and other predators may be fierce. But our brains have made us the most deadly predators of all.

Because humans have become such effective hunters, our prey has become even more adept at evading us. There are many ways to help avoid tipping off your targets to your presence, like masking your scent and keeping quiet.

Call of the Wild

But if you can't get to your prey, bringing them to you provides an effective alternative. Attracting prey with lifelike game calls ca boost your hunting success.

Here at, we carry a big selection of game calls, coon squallers and game-calling videos and CDs. If you're searching for the best coon calls for hunting, we stock a variety of coon squallers for sale.

Available in a variety of materials, they produce realistic sounds that will fake out even the wiliest raccoons. We also carry coon squaller replacement kits to make your heavily used squaller operate like new.

Whatever kind of hunting you do, you'll find a variety of calls here to help you hunt better. Choose from a selection ranging from squirrel whistles to predator calls.

It's just as important to hear well when you're hunting, so we offer hearing enhancers to help you identify the faintest sounds in the great outdoors. These ear buds are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Our CDs mimic the sound of a variety of critters, from coons to coyotes. If you want to brush up on your game-calling skills, check out our Dennis Kirk game-caller videos. These also make perfect presents for fellow hunters.