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Hide Tanning

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The Art of Hide Tanning: Mastered with Precision Tools

Transforming a raw hide into a work of art requires precision, skill, and the right tools. Our Hide Tanning collection encapsulates every element you'll need to ensure each hide you process not only showcases craftsmanship but also maintains its inherent beauty.

Skinner's Essentials:

For those intricate moments when precision is paramount, turn to tools like the Small Game Cincher Skinning Gambrel. Complement it with the Nite Lite Tail Stripper Tool, Lifetime Tail Stripper, and the Deluxe Skinning Tool to ensure every cut is made with precision and care.

Efficient Fleshing:

With our Pelt Fleshing Tool and the Two Handed Fleshing Tool, you can easily separate the flesh from the skin. The Beaver Skinning Knife, a specialized tool in our collection, guarantees effortless and efficient skinning.

Perfect Stretch:

Ensure your hides are flawlessly stretched and ready for tanning with our range of fur stretchers: Medium Game Fur Stretcher 10 X 40, Large Game Fur Stretcher 11 X 45, and for those grand game trophies, the Extra Large Game Fur Stretcher 12 X 59.

Complete Tanning Solutions:

Dive into the art of tanning with the all-inclusive Complete Home Hide Tanning Kit. The Tannit Hide Tanning Solution and Tannit Fur Bearer Hide Tanning Kit promise a finish that's as close to nature's design, ensuring each hide retains its natural allure.

With tools designed for efficiency and ease, our Hide Tanning collection is the epitome of craftsmanship in hide processing, ensuring every hide you tan is a testament to your skill and our tools' quality.