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Replacement Headlamps & Caps

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If you love to hunt coons or other critters at night, a hunting headlamp is a virtual necessity. Wearing one of these lights will free up your hands for everything you need to do to accomplish a successful hunt.

Here at, we pride ourselves on our reputation as America's premier source of products for hunters and their dogs. These premium products include our lineup of Nite Lite systems and hunting lights. These systems offer major advantages like smart design, rechargeable batteries and lengthy burn times between charges.

Rugged Designs Built for the Hunt

Many of these systems include headlamps you can wear on your cap, providing excellent illumination at night. Everyone knows hunting can be a tough sport. It often requires moving through difficult terrain, dealing with whatever weather Mother Nature decides to dish out and overcoming numerous other obstacles.

If you hunt at night, you don't want to be left in the dark. Whether you want to replace a damaged headlamp or upgrade to a better one, we offer a big selection of Nite Lite systems and headlamp replacements.

When you browse this page, you'll discover Nite Lite hunting lights with solid features that will make night hunting better. You'll appreciate Nite Lite headlamp features like rugged, waterproof housings made of lightweight aluminum. These hunting headlamps will keep your light shining bright under even the most adverse conditions.

Long Burn Times

These LED hunting lights offer powerful illumination but draw little energy, meaning they will provide maximum burn time. LED bulbs also last a long time, which means you won't be constantly buying replacement bulbs. You can find models here compatible with a variety of battery packs to suit your set-up.