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E-Collars & GPS Tracking

E-Collars & GPS Tracking

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It's great to have a hunting dog that is aggressive and enthusiastic. But for both of your sakes, you need to be able to find and control that dog during and after the hunt.

Hunt Better and Smarter

The hunting dog training collars and tracking units available at provide you a simple and safe way to help you find your dogs. They will also help your hounds hunt better.

These devices use the latest advances in technology to help you control your dogs in the field. Some collars boast a range of up to 9 miles. Good dog-tracking radio collars will repay you many times over in savings in time and frustration rounding up loose dogs.

A GPS dog collar is a must for locating your dog, so we carry plenty of electronic dog collars with GPS. Our GPS hunting dog collar collection includes famous names like the Garmin GPS dog collar. In addition to Garmin tracking collars for sale, we offer other great brands like SportDog Tek.

Dog Training Too

Besides helping you find your hound, our dog-tracking radio collars can help you train your dog too. Some of these systems feature continuous and momentary stimulation, vibration and tone alerts to enhance training.

If you have questions about any of these products of are wondering which would work best as a coon-hunting tracking system, give us a call toll-free. Our friendly staff will be happy to provide helpful answers.