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Far beyond where the utility lines end, it can get really dark out there. Hunters, campers and others who want to get more enjoyment and safety during their outings in the great outdoors at night depend on their Nite Lites to see their way in the dark. Our Nite Lite systems are very dependable, and our rechargeable batteries offer up to 40 hours of performance before they need recharging.

Still, like everything else, batteries wear out over time. Because good lighting is crucial when you're in the wilderness, it's wise to keep a spare Nite Lite battery or two on hand.

The Right Fit for Your Light

Whether you're searching for a spare or simply need to replace a battery, you have come to the right place. carries a big selection of Nite Lite batteries. Best of all, these batteries are made specifically for Nite Lite systems. That means they will fit right and work right.

Whether you need a Nite Lite coon-hunting light battery, a battery for hunting wild hogs or predators or simply need a replacement Nite Lite battery for finding your way around your camp in the dark, these batteries will provide powerful performance and dependable durability. From a Nite Lite ultralight four-volt battery for your Kitten Kooner package to a Nite Lite rechargeable six-volt eight-amp battery to provide two more hours of burn time for your Coon Hunters Favorite II, Hot Lite Pro or Halogen Pro, you'll discover an illuminating selection of batteries here. It's easy and affordable to get your Nite Lite system back in business when you shop online here.