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Nite Lite Rechargeable 6 Volt 8 Amp Battery

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Our famous NITE LITE battery is the obvious choice for anyone who needs dependable battery power and recharging capabilities. Compared to older 7-amp models, this new model is a full 8-amps at no extra weight. The added amperage will give approximately 2 more hours of burning time. You never have to add acid or water and it is guaranteed spillproof and leak-proof in any position. The battery is filled with gelled electrolyte, sealed at the factory, and comes to you ready to use. Gives you up to ten hours of bright hunting light and weighs only three pounds and 14 ounces (over two pounds lighter than other similar lights). Molded belt loops let you use it as "hands-free". The new clip on the battery allows you to remove the Nite Lite head from your cap and carry it at your side, giving an adjustable beam walking light. Ideal for those who don't like to wear a hat light during summer months when insects are in abundance. Rechargeable hundreds of times 2-year prorated warranty Molded belt loops Light clip-on battery Never add acid or water Fits any 6-volt, dry cell headlight or hand lantern Weighs only 3 lb. 14 oz.!

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