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Hunters are a breed apart. Their clothes need to be too.

Whether you are out in the marshes, the fields, the woods or the mountains, you are at the mercy of Mother Nature and her many moods. In summer, you can be exposed to oppressive heat, humidity and sudden thunderstorms. Winter brings its own kinds of challenges with deep freezes, snow and ice. Even during spring and summer, sudden changes in the weather can catch you by surprise.

Typically, there often is no easy place to run for cover when you are hunting. That means your clothes also must be able to act as your shelter and protection.

Here at Huntsmart, we are proud to be America's premier source of products for hunters and their dogs. We love to hunt just as much as we do. And we understand the challenges you face out there.

Huge Selection of Top-Quality Hunting Gear

That's why we stock a big inventory of high-quality hunting clothing and boots. Out in the field in the pitch dark using Nite Lite night gear like our Nite Lite rechargeable light systems is no time to discover your hunting clothes aren't up to snuff.

Whether you shop safely and securely online or visit us at our retail shop here in Clarksville, Ark., we've got you covered from head to toe. You'll find an extensive selection of primo men's and women's camo hunting clothes to wear on the hunt. We also have casual clothing to wear at home, at work or around town.

Hunting Clothes for All Seasons and Conditions

We carry coon-hunting clothes as well as apparel perfect for chasing virtually any critter you can think of. If you're hunting in marshy or wet areas, our rubber boots and hip boots will keep you dry.

Wear a pair of our Vital Sox compression socks to keep comfortable on even the longest treks. We have snake boots to guard against potentially deadly snake bites.

Our leggings and pants will keep you warm and dry ang protect against briars and brush. Nite Lite outdoor gear like our chigger gaiters will keep those pesky little bugs from setting your ankles on fire with their relentless bites.

For cool-weather hunting, we have gloves and gauntlets as well as an assortment of hoodies to keep you warm. For those hot August days, check out our men's and women's swimsuits for a refreshing dip in a lake, river or ocean.

When it's time to relax, whether in camp or in town, you can wear one of our hunting-themed T-shirts or caps. Besides showing pride in your sport, they are extremely comfortable to wear and easy to care for. Some of these items bear wisecracks that are surefire conversation starters.