How to make a coon roll cage

How to make a coon roll cage


What’s the purpose of a roll cage? Well, a coon hunting roll cage is designed to trigger your dog's natural instinct for chasing and fighting so you can train them yourself. A trapped raccoon makes the cage roll, and your coon dog will instinctively chase after it. 

You can purchase one of our rolling cage system kits at, which includes a coon roll cage, waterer, feed dish, rack, rope and training instructions, or follow this guide to build your own.

Stainless Steel Grates
Purchase four stainless steel grates of the same size from your local home goods store. The grates should be at least two feet wide by four feet long.

Zip Ties
Purchase a set of plastic zip ties. Make sure to purchase a large package of zip ties because you will need at least ten for each connection to construct the rolling cage.

Connect the four stainless steel grates along a vertical line with the zip ties. Now, assemble the grates in a three-dimensional rectangular shape. This is the main part of the coon roll cage.

Connect a stainless-steel grate of at least two feet wide by two feet long to the end of the cage. You should use at least four zip ties for each side. This is the back of the coon rolling cage.

Connect another stainless-steel grate of at least two feet wide by two feet long to the front of the coon roll cage. Only connect one side of the stainless-steel grate to the cage. Use at least four plastic zip ties to make this connection.
This stainless-steel grate can be connected on either the right or left side. It will be used as the door for the coon rolling cage.

Steel Clasp
You will need to attach a stainless-steel clasp to the cage and to the door on the opposite side of the four plastic zip ties. This steel clasp will serve as the lock for the coon rolling cage. The cage assembly should now be complete.

Types of Coon Hunting Roll Cages
Coon rolling cages are available in a variety of different types and sizes. The instructions included here are just one basic example of how to construct a coon roll cage. You can easily adjust the size of your cage by purchasing stainless steel grates of different sizes.

If you are interested in learning more about coon rolling cages and how to build one, there are several instructional videos online with additional tips and step-by-step building instructions.

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Additional Items
Other items should be used with your coon rolling cage for an effective training session at a fraction of the cost. These products include a waterer, feed dish, rack, rope and training instructions, which can all be purchased from our website by clicking on the add-on kit only to add to your cart.

If you have any additional questions on construction of a coon rolling cage or questions on training your dog, do not hesitate to reach out to us. One of our experts can be reached via email, or you can call toll-free at 1-800-648-5483 with any coon-related inquiries.