Guided Field Sharpener GFS 2.2.1


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The Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener 2.2.1 is the complete knife sharpener for field, home or shop use. It is the first angle guided, 5 stage sharpening solution designed for sportsmen who need a complete, robust and compact field sharpening solution. The Guided Field Sharpener incorporates 2 Diamond Plates - 1 coarse grit for shaping and repairing, and 1 fine grit for sharpening, 2 Ceramic Rods - a 3-position ceramic rod incorporating coarse grit, fine grit and fish hook honing sides, plus a smaller diameter, fine grit serration sharpener, and 1 Leather Strop conditioned with a micro-abrasive to finish your blades to a razor-sharp edge. The sharpening guides are purpose built for your hunting knives, pocket knives and filet knives, making easy work of sharpening flat, curved and serrated blades - as well as camp tools such as axes, hatchets and machetes. 6 ¾"L x 1 ½"W x 1"H.