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Pack a multi-tool that is as diverse as a Marine and that is designed to be adaptable for survival with our U.S. Marines 15" Tactical Axe! Features: •Stainless steel, black powder coated blade. •Blade measures: 3.75" from heel to toe.ï1680D nylon snap button sheath. •Axe head features a 3"(L) piercing spike on its back end. •Axe head can be used to chop, cut, or shovel. Piercing spike can be used to punch holes or to defend against attacks. •Nylon fiber handle. •Handle end cap unscrews to reveal a compass. •Inner handle contains a survival kit within a black plastic tube. Survival kit includes: Matches, a striking strip, fishing string, a stainless steel fishing hook, and an adhesive bandage. •End cap also has approx. 8' of paracord attached.