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The Reaper Call

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An affordable handheld call that's packed with the features you need and none of the extras you'll never use. The convenient carry handle makes it easy to tote in the field, while the 300-yard remote lets you make volume adjustments without giving away your position. Can play a single sound or two calls at the same time to draw in bobcats, coyotes, and other predators from far away. A new backlit remote for night hunting and a 12-decibel speaker is constructed for outdoor use. Preloaded with 12 quality prey sounds from Wildlife Technologies: Female coyote, Male coyote, Coyote howl, Crow baby distress, Raccoon baby distress, Woodpecker baby distress, Adult bobcat, Cottontail distress, Coyote pup distress, Fawn distress, Gray fox distress, and Jackrabbit distress. The new remote has a decoy function/button that will work with Icotec's decoy systems. The unit requires 4 AA batteries for operation, remote come standard with a 23A lithium-ion battery.

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