Spt Training Collar 1-Dog System


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The all new SPT 24 series remote trainer was designed with the focus on rugged reliability, ease of use and new training features such as Jump and Rise training aids. The Jump Stimulation button allows you to set a second, self-programmed stimulation level higher or lower than your normal intensity level setting. Applying a correction at the right intensity level quickly and timely is paramount in dog training. Another great feature is Rise Stimulation that continuously increases the stimulation level until the button is released. This allows you to hold the Rise button until you notice a response from the dog, essentially allowing the dog to choose the appropriate level of stimulation. Both the SPT242 & SPT2422 series have completely waterproof and rechargeable (Ni-MH batteries) transmitter and collar units, an easy-to-read LCD screen with a low battery indicator, and a 24 yard (1.3 mile) range. Also included on these units are the Jump, Rise, Nick and Continuous Stimulations, as well as vibration.