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Hunting at night adds mega-doses of excitement to a sport that already offers magnum servings of adventure. Whether you're using a coon squaller to catch the eyes of a treed raccoon, looking to shoot a wild hog for that next pig roast or seeking to down a predator that's legal to shoot at night in your area, you want the best equipment available. After all, when you're shooting in the dark, there's no room for error.

Giant Selection of Quality Hunting Lights offers you a huge selection of premium Nite Lite hunting lights, systems and accessories to get the most out of your night hunting. Our collection of top-rated Nite Lite lights includes versions you can mount on your head or body for hands-free hunting as well as hand-held models. In addition to lights, we carry all the Nite Lite accessories you will need to ensure a successful night's hunting.

Our Nite Lite rechargeable light systems provide an efficient and affordable way to get the most out of your night hunts. These systems will provide up to 40 hours on a single charge. And you won't be making repeated trips to the store to buy more disposable batteries.

You can recharge these systems practically anywhere. Some come with USB charging cords for added convenience.

Endless Options

Our lights include cordless cap-mount options you can switch over for holding in your hand. All of these come with mounting brackets. Many include a soft or hard bump cap too.

In addition to hunting headlamps and systems, we have all the Nite Lite accessories you will need to make your hunting experience more successful and enjoyable. Choose from a variety of replacement bulbs and batteries as well as chargers to keep you in the hunt.