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What is the best weather to coon hunt?

What is the best weather to coon hunt?

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One of the most underrated aspects of raccoon hunting is the type of weather in the area you will be hunting. The weather conditions and other factors in your location or area of the country can play a pivotal role in the success of your next coon hunt.

Best Time to Coon Hunt

Since raccoons primarily travel and feed at night, it is always best to hunt them during the darkest hours of the night. It is never recommended to coon hunt during a full moon or bright moon. The darker the sky, the more active the raccoons will be throughout the evening.

Ideal Conditions

It is far easier to track a raccoon in wet conditions. In damp conditions that are not yet extremely wet, dogs are easily able to pick up a scent and track the raccoon. Raccoons are not nearly as active in extreme or inclement weather conditions.

If the weather is too extreme, including snow, wind or extreme cold, it can be difficult for the dogs to track the scent through the air. Sometimes the dogs can even lose the coon's location completely in extreme weather conditions.

Coon Hunting Season

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In general, the best season to track racoons is in the fall. It is during this time of year that a raccoon's hide thickens for the upcoming winter months. Raccoons are out foraging and hunting for food much more often during this time to build a thick coat and layer of fat for the winter.

During the winter, raccoons are much less active and will stay in their den rather than forage for food. It is extremely rare to spot or even see a raccoon during the winter months. That’it is also extremely rare to hunt them during the winter.

You can still hunt and trap coons during the winter as long as you know where they are living. Products

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A high-quality coon squaller is another convenient product for competitive or casual hunting. A coon squaller for thick foliage or an all-around coon squaller will help you find more raccoons in almost any weather condition or time of year. We even offer critical items like replacement reed kits for your squaller.

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