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Kitten Kooner LED

Item Number: NLKK13
Availability: Out of stock

Just like the original Kitten Kooner, but with a boost of brilliance. The super tight spot pierces the darkness to the tops of the highest trees and lasts an astounding 70 hours per charge, and that’s on the high setting. It runs so long, we haven’t been able to get a run time on the low side. Rheostat control atop the 4-volt, 15-amp gel-cell battery enables you to manually dim or brighten the beam, on both the high and low headlamp setting. Has an estimated 200 lumen rating, and features our 5 watt LED headlamp. The added strobe feature grabs the curiosity of coons and you will be sure to shine those eyes. Weighs 3 pounds. Includes our standard automatic wall charger and lo-pro soft cap with protective insert. Full one year warranty on parts and two year pro-rated battery warranty.

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Kitten Kooner LED - NLKK13
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