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Premium Hog Bay Dog Cut Vest

Item Number: BDS

Constructed of high quality 1350 Ballistic Bulldog Nylon and 1200 Denier Cordura, these vests are perfect for your bay dog or your catch dog. The vest comes in two lengths, a regular length and a long length. The regular length vest covers the ribs and stops at the soft spot at the end of the rib cage. It features a strap across the neck and two straps across the body area. The long length vest is popular for the long bodied dogs or for female dogs that recently had puppies. The coverage area for the long length vest extends to the bend in the leg and has a buckle across the neck and three buckles down the body. This vest also features a cut in the very bottom to accommodate the male dog. Color: Black.

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Premium Hog Bay Dog Cut Vest - BDS